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"Crazy cat ladies" are just women who love cats -- a lot.Sometimes they have 14 different cats, and sometimes they only have one, but she doesn't need to own a dozen to be equally kitty-crazed.She claims to have superhuman vision and hearing, hisses at dogs on the street and, yes, communicates by meowing.In a video posted to You Tube this week — including English subtitles — Nano explains how she came to the conclusion that she was a cat, and how being an actual “cat lady” has impacted her life. “I realized I was a cat when I was 16,” says Nano, who sought counseling from doctors and psychologists before receiving a diagnosis.

“[I can hear] suitcases rolling on the ground, keys clinking in pockets, people with ice crampons under their shoes,” she says in regard to her cat-like hearing.One puss will do the trick when it comes to stealing all of the attention. The cat was always there for her in her loneliest hours, he has listened to all of her problems, and he has never judged her when she didn't shower for three days and ate an entire tub of ice cream on her own. She already has to cook and clean for her cat, she didn't sign up for her significant other to be another pet. Remember when you were a kid and you had a reserved spot on your parents' mattress?So what can you expect when you get into a loving and devoted relationship with a woman who loves cats? The bond is real, and you're going to have to respect that as if you were respecting her spending time with her best friend. Expect to make your own meals, probably even her meals, and most definitely pick up your own dirty laundry. This is similar to the spot saved on the bed specifically for her other significant other.7. She expects you to love her cat as much as she does.‘e Harmony Video Bio’ was uploaded to You Tube earlier this month on June 3, but started taking off mid-last week.Everyone was watching, sharing and talking about the clip, asking themselves and each other if this could possibly be for real.

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  1. Almost a dead giveaway is when he refuses to share his phone number with you even though he has yours and you have known each other for some time. Nothing against free dating sites, but it's often found that married men frequent free dating sites to meet new women.