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" Andy caught Bobby's and Kathy's hands and put them on her breasts. The nipple pressing against Bobby's palm was pebble-hard. "I've never seen two guys doing it." "Then we had an orgy." Kathy added. Doing everything with each other." Trav liked teasing Bobby's ass with a fingertip while fucking her doggy-style. "Almost everything." "I'm a dyke who likes boys," Andy said. Andy was looking at their tall athletic bodies with wide eyes.

" Andy put her hands over Bobby's and Kathy's hands, pressing them against her little tits. They stared at her tiny tits and the neat little lips protruding from her shaved pussy. "We've got a party right here." She and Kathy took off their blouses and bras.

"I don't want you to feel lonely." "I'm not feeling lonely." Bobby put a hand between Andy's legs. "This looks like fun." "It's a Cheeky Anal Vibe," Andy said.

"But it's my turn." "I'm sorry." Andy stood up and kissed Bobby. She ran her thumb and index fingers over its smoothly rounded head, then down the graceful ridges spaced along its shaft. The long thick flesh-colored cock-and-balls dildo was longer and thicker than Trav's cock, with a flaring mushroom head and exaggerated veins. Unlike the big dildo, they flared from smoothly rounded heads to their full diameter before narrowing abruptly at their bases.

Bobby kneaded Andy's breast while rubbing her own pussy through her thong. " "Kathy and I made a video of us having sex and left it for the boys." Bobby said. Bobby had green eyes and collar-length blond hair, while Kathy's eyes were blue and her brown hair brushed her shoulders. Keep going." Andy stiffened her tongue and drove it into Kathy's pussy like a cock.

You won't believe how good it feels." Andy took the back dildo off the thin strap and handed the harness back to Bobby.

" "Here, I'll help you." Andy put the thick strap around Bobby's waist, tightened the buckles, and settled it on her hips.

Kathy's nipples were big and tan with dark tan areolas the size of half-dollars. "A sexy girl sandwich." Andy turned around and kissed Kathy. "Let's see you kiss." She rubbed a finger over her pussy lips while she watched Bobby and Kathy kissing and fondling each other's breasts. Her protruding pussy lips were clearly visible through her sparse black pubic hair.

Bobby had little pink nipples and quarter-sized areolas. Her big breasts pressed into Andy's almost-flat chest. ." "Not just watching." Bobby unfastened her skirt and let it fall, then stepped out of her thong.

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