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Spring marks the first cycle in cleansing as we move from winter to spring.It is wise this time of year to do a "Digestive reset" to rid the body of sluggish residue from winter.The benefits of chanting have been long known in cultures around the world. Restorative Yoga with Live Music Allow the intoxicating and hypnotic sounds of Santa Fe based singer Nicolle NEILL Jensen to relax your mind and body during a collaborative yoga class with Lisa Kanne.Sound moves through the mouth, throat and lungs to stimulate the brain and heart with cellular vibration. Lisa will lead you through long held, relaxing poses, while Nicolle fills the space with song, gentle drumming, and singing bowls.She resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico and travels frequently to bring her knowledge of yoga and Sanskrit chanting to studios across the country.

This styles incorporates the Hot 26 advanced poses with Vinyasa flow to create a dynamic movement for the entire body. We will discuss the most important muscles to strengthen and take photos of you in the pose if you like so you can re-create these poses at home. Join Gaby as she introduces the proper tradition of spring cleansing with Ayurveda.

Nicole brings a balance of alignment and movement to her classes.

She creates a positive and fun environment for deepening asana practice.

Experiencing the combination of yoga, friends, and fun in nature, each day will include a morning and late afternoon yoga class designed to be accessible to students of all levels, including those very new to yoga.

We will incorporate how a yoga practice brings energy and awareness to life, and how we use that awareness to enhance the world we live in.

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