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"Miracula means in Latin, loosely, 'miraculous, wonderful, strange,'" she told CBC Toronto."It can also refer to 'a miraculously ugly woman,' which we found out after — which I'm fine with!Like revolutionaries of previous generations, these Millennials have decided that history begins with them.As reported by Ieva Lucas of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, December 18, 2017: It might be a week until Christmas, but if you pass by the Miraculas' Toronto home you'd think Halloween was right around the corner.They describe themselves as soulmates and say this was the best way to honour both of their families."[We] wanted to take the best of both families and merge them together," said Natalie.

"We didn't sit down one day and say what's our new name going to be? Although Ian officially changed his name, for convenience and cost-effectiveness, Lindsay only assumed it.

"They really thought, in their consciousness raising groups ...

about how to change that pattern," she told CBC Toronto.

Many last names tell the story of the family you came from.

Baker, Smith, Cooper and Professor Taylor's own name, offer a clear path back to a picture of an ancestor hard at work.

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